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Categories:  Estate planning, elder law, Winston Salem, North Carolina, NC.

Estate Planning is not just for wealthy people with lots of assets. Individualized, professional estate planning may provide the following 10 benefits to anyone:

  1. Assures that your hard-won savings and assets will be passed down correctly to the loved ones that you designate, while shielding as many assets as possible from taxes, court costs, and unnecessary legal fees (Will, Trust, Living Trust)
  2. Provides for the care and well being of any loved ones left behind (Will, Trust)
  3. Allows you to choose a guardian to care for your children in your absence, and to choose a responsible adult to take care of their legal and business affairs (Will, Trust)
  4. Provides for family members with special needs without disrupting their government benefits (Will, Trust, Special Needs Trust)
  5. Provides for the transfer of your business at your retirement, disability, or death (Will, Trust, Business Succession Plan)
  6. Allows you to choose a trusted adult to make your medical decisions for you in case you become seriously ill (Durable Power of Attorney for Healthcare)
  7. Allows you to choose a trusted adult to take care of your legal and business affairs in case you become seriously ill (Durable Power of Attorney)
  8. Provides that physicians will share important information about your medical conditions with the individuals whom you have selected to make your health care, business, and legal decisions for you (HIPAA Document)
  9. Allows you to choose how you will be treated by healthcare facilities at the end of life, and what actions may or may not be taken to extend your life (Living Will)
  10. Allows you to designate how you want your body to be treated after you are gone, and what funeral or memorial arrangements you may or may not want (Will, Letter of Personal Instruction)

No adult should leave these essential rights and benefits to chance. Life is uncertain — the best time for estate planning is now.

Please contact us with any questions and to learn how we can help with your estate planning in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.