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Already thinking about going back again, I have been playing my own video of a recent trip a friend (Boater X) and I made to the Whitewater Chattooga Wild and Scenic National River in northern Georgia, where much of the 1972 Burt Reynolds whitewater disaster thriller “Deliverance” was filmed.  It helps me to keep positive during Coronavirus 2020 to look through old travel photos and videos, and plan future trips in my mind to be taken after Bad Boy Coronavirus has hopefully been tamed.

If you are still physically able to get out there, where would you like to go next?  I am sharing my “Return to Deliverance River” video below, in case you too are interested in seeing this unique and beautiful area.  f you are not already a whitewater boater, local Chattooga rafting companies near Clayton, Georgia offer guided trips to visitors on the whitewater Chattooga National Wild and Scenic River.

Whitewater Kayaking the Chattooga Wild and Scenic National River, Georgia, United States (video with audio)

American Whitewater rated Class III-IV+ ; IV-IV+ Five Falls Section. Level 2.0 feet on the paddler gauge.

Gesturing with finz instead of handz, dolphin-dude Boater X guides me, after a 22 year absence, through this classic Southeastern whitewater run, where many of the whitewater scenes for the Burt Reynolds movie “Deliverance” were filmed.

Watch for Boater X’s Jedi line through Corkscrew!

Rapids include Bull Sluice (single drop line), Woodall Shoals (right sneak), Seven Foot Falls (right sneak), Five Falls Entrance, Corkscrew, Crack-In-The-Rock, Jawbone (mandatory portage) and Sock ‘Em Dog! (Puppy Chute Sneak.) Plus, we climb up a beautiful incoming waterfall.


The Chattooga National Wild and Scenic River shares with us awesome power and delicate beauty, all interwoven within the same miles.

Vance R. Parker, Earth Day, April 22, 2020