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Planning for Landowners, Sportsmen, Sportswomen, and Gun Owners

What is the best way to protect my firearms collection?

Planning for Landowners, Sportsmen, Sportswomen, and Gun Owners

Planning For Gun Owners

North Carolina’s landowners, sportsmen, and sportswomen preserve the farming, ranching, hunting, and fishing traditions that define our rural life. Just as family land may be passed down from generation to generation, family firearms are also treasured with the hope that they will be kept in the family.

We help landowners pass down their land properly to the next generation, and help sportsmen and sportswomen properly protect their firearms collections, and to pass down their firearms safely. Attorney Vance Parker also serves as a Director of the North Carolina Rifle and Pistol Association.

Protecting Your Firearms

Our GunWise RLT℠ revocable living trusts offer a better way for most owners of regular firearms to transfer their legal gun collections to the next generation. GunWise RLT℠ revocable living trusts offer these important features:

  • Your guns stay out of government hands. Your gun collection stays within the trust’s private control, ownership remains confidential, and the collection stays out of county probate court (which is public!) after you die.
  • Cost effective. The same trust that holds your guns can hold all of your other assets and valuables.
  • No probate fees. Your guns in the trust, along with all of your other trust assets, avoid probate fees.
  • Trust provisions prohibit transfer to prohibited persons. Provisions within the GunWise RLT℠prohibit transfer of your firearms to prohibited trustees or prohibited beneficiaries under the laws of their state of residence or federal law.
  • Right to revoke. The grantor who sets up the trust may revoke the trust at any time.

For more information on protecting your regular firearms collection and your other important assets with a cutomized revocable trust, please click on the following North Carolina Rifle and Pistol Association State Shots article link:


NFA Gun Trusts

If your gun collection contains any type of the more strictly regulated NFA (National Firearms Act) firearms or devices, or if a stand-alone NFA gun trust is appropriate for you, we offer an Advanced Gun Trust, and a more comprehensive multi-generational Professional Gun Trust designed for both NFA and regular firearms.

Advantages of our NFA gun trusts include:

  • Customization and proper setup. We work to set up your trust properly, and customize your trust to select proper trustees and transferees.
  • Ongoing legal support. We provide legal support for your ongoing purchases into the trust, and are there to answer ongoing questions.
  • Support for all of your firearms. We properly retitle all of your firearms collection into your trust for you.
  • Trust properly incorporated into your estate plan. Where appropriate, we properly incorporate your NFA gun trust into your overall estate plan for you, or for your entire family.
  • Privacy. Your gun collection avoids probate (a public process), and the contents of your gun collection remains confidential to the public.
  • No CLEO approval, fingerprints, or photographs. No local CLEO (Chief Law Enforcement Officer) approval is required, and no fingerprints or photographs are required.

To learn more about laws affecting sportsmen, sportswomen, landowners, and firearms owners in North Carolina, visit attorney Vance Parker’s online newsletter “North Carolina Sportsmen’s Law News.”

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