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WTOB FM/AM Radio in Winston-Salem, NC interviews elder, special needs, guardianship and estate planning attorney Vance Parker about how to make planning decisions for your special needs child before he or she becomes an adult at age 18.  If appropriate, and your child will not be competent to make his or her own financial, legal, health care, and housing decisions as an adult, guardianship proceedings may be established for your child in North Carolina starting at your child’s age of 17 1/2, Full general guardianship, and alternatives to full general guardianship (for children who may be able to live as adults on their own) including powers of attorney, and partial guardianship (guardianship of the estate only) are discussed.  Because it is important to allow a child as much freedom as possible to promote continued intellectual development, and to support a sense of independence and self-worth, guardianship or alternatives should be carefully-considered family decisions, which can be supported through advice from a special needs and guardianship attorney.

Vance talks with WTOB Radio every Tuesday at 4:38 pm, educating the public about elder law, and estate planning topics.