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A new statute added to North Carolina’s omnibus COVID-19 pandemic legislation includes new provisions that temporarily allow remote notarization of legal documents until August 1, 2020.

Before the new temporary law took effect, the NC notary statutes required notaries to be in the physical presence of someone signing a legal document.  With the COVID-19 social distancing restrictions and other precautions, elder law attorneys and other professionals were having a great deal of trouble getting legal signatures from clients in “locked” facilities such as assisted living facilities and nursing homes.

We have added a remote video notarization service to our telephone and video appointment services, to make sure that all of our elder and special needs, and estate planning clients can be fully served while COVID-19 precautions are recommended.   If video is not available at a client’s residence, and that cannot be corrected, we have other “safer signing” procedures available which could then be used to take care of that client’s needs.

For more detailed information about the new statute, please click on:  NC Emergency Video Notarization Law